I want my weaving to be attractive and wearable, but meaningful too: a talking point about conservation or a reminder of a wildlife spectacle.


Sea Ice & Conservation: Sea ice is frozen ocean water and is found in the Arctic and Antarctic. It grows in the winter and melts in the summer, covering about 15% of the world’s oceans during part of the year. Sea ice influences our global climate: it reflects sunlight back into space. Sea ice also affects… Continue reading Antarctica

The Little Rann of Kutch

The Little Rann of Kutch in is a unique saline desert / wetland in Gujarat, India, famous for being the last refuge for the Indian Wild Ass. My Little Rann of Kutch Scarf, inspired by this landscape, has been woven in plain weave using stripes of different yarns reflecting the key features of this landscape:… Continue reading The Little Rann of Kutch