I weave mostly on four or eight shaft table and floor looms. Each warp thread is individually threaded through its own heddle which is held in one of the shafts. Then it is also threaded through the slots in the reed to give the required density. For silk scarves there may be over 500 threads (threaded @ 50 ends per inch), while for woollen ones just 200 (threaded @ 20 ends per inch). The pattern is determined by the order of the threading in the shafts in combination with how these shafts are lifted. Each time this happens, a shed (opening) is created through which a shuttle with the weft yarn is passed, and then beaten into place. For a complicated scarf, a single pattern repeat may require 50 different lifts, while for a simple one just two. For a fine scarf, the shuttle may be thrown over 3,000 times, while for a more rustic one, just half that. In all, it is a time-consuming process and a scarf can take several days to complete. But the result is a unique, handcrafted item, and more than worth it!